Faculty & Staff

Steering Committee

Participating Faculty

  • Christopher Bjork , Professor of Education on the Dexter M. Ferry, Jr. Chair and Coordinator of Teacher Education
  • Andrew Davison , Professor of Political Science
  • Wenwei Du , Associate Professor of Chinese and Japanese
  • Hua Hsu , Associate Professor of English
  • E. H Rick Jarow , Associate Professor of Religion
  • Yuko Matsubara , Adjunct Instructor in Chinese and Japanese
  • Justin Patch , Adjunct Assistant Professor in Music
  • Anne Pike-Tay , Professor of Anthropology
  • Peipei Qiu , Professor of Chinese and Japanese on the Louise Boyd Dale and Alfred Lichtenstein Chair and Director of Asian Studies
  • Nianshen Song , Post Doctoral Fellow of History
  • Fubing Su , Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Yu Zhou , Professor of Geography